The Little Blue Book

Some may carry around a little black book, I carry around a little blue book.  Let me explain.

It is rare to find a friend who spontaneously ships an Amazon package to you just because.  That “Just Because” package arrived at my door step, and I retrieved it one random Thursday after work.  I scissor opened the box, and to my surprise found a little blue book entitled, The New Health Rules by Dr. Frank Lipman & Danielle Claro.

This book may be little, but it is a powerhouse packed with helpful tips for making simple changes to achieve whole-body wellness.  I open the book sporadically from day to day to find little nuggets of information.  I highly recommend keeping this book close by for burst of inspiration for creating healthier habits.   Habits such as Eat the Yolk!

“Contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol in the food you eat has virtually no impact on the cholesterol level of your blood.  Egg yolks contain choline -essential for the functioning of all cells, especially brain cells.” (Lipman & Claro)

After I read this I took the time on my lunch break to go to a local family owned, organic egg farm near me.  What a refreshing thing to do on lunch.  I supported my local community, bought some quality eggs and still had time to go home and walk the dog.   Lunch break well spent!

I will give you one more example, and then I’ll let you go buy the book yourself and then pay it forward by purchasing it and shipping it to someone you love.

Why so much talk about wild salmon?

“Salmon is high in good fats and protein, so it tends to get a lot of play in modern health talk.  Wild salmon is much better than “farmed” salmon, because fish raised in captivity are trapped in small spaces and swimming in their own filth.  To fight these disgusting conditions, farmed salmon are given antibiotics, which you end up ingesting when you eat the fish.  But wait-it gets worse: The food these salmon eat is mixed with GMO soy and corn.  These fish grow up gray-colored and are later dyed orangy-pink.  Wild salmon, on the other hand, are naturally pink from eating shrimp-and they’re antibiotic and chemical free.”

Gross, huh?  Well knowledge is power, and small changes over time make a huge impact on your life and the lives around you.  If you think this information might be helpful, check it out for yourself.

Purchase The New Health Rules on Amazon


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