Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

I’m recovering from a self inflicted digestive attack that knocked me off my feet.  I stayed home from work on Thursday, bloated and in pain laying in fetal position for most of the day.  For the past two weeks I have been intentionally focusing on healthy eating habits, cooking at home, and preparing my meals for the week.  In spite of my best efforts, I crippled my intestines with WHITE RICE!

Here in an example of a lunch that I had prepared for work.  Organic strawberries (awesome!), Wild Caught Salmon (superb!), organic black beans (boo-yah!), and white rice (OH NO!)


This wasn’t the only serving of white rice I had throughout the week, but slowly and SURELY this white rice halted my digestive tract to not a slow crawl, but a complete stop!  I’ll spare you all the details, but after a visit to the doctor, numerous laxatives, and sciatic nerve pain that is yet to go away, I’m taking this as a lesson on my journey to overall health.

The bright side of all this pain has been that I am more receptive to taking on the principles outlined in The Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger.   I have owned this book by Dr. Junger for over a year, maybe even two years now.  I’ve known that it was something I should do for a while, but have been unmotivated to make these lifestyle changes.  But after this last episode of extreme discomfort I am finally motivated to take on the 21 day Clean Gut program.  It’s funny how pain causes you to pay attention and pushes you into a new reality.  These 21 days will include supplements, elimination of things such as caffeine and alcohol, introducing chia seeds and protein powders into my diet, and lots of other things.  I am not writing this blog post to promote The Clean Gut because frankly I don’t know what the next 21 days will bring, and if it will be beneficial.

However, I am writing this blog to say that after one hell-ish week, the weekend has turned out to be heavenly.  It has included spending quality time with my mom by her helping me prepare for the 21 days ahead, reading and educating myself, doing yoga and practicing deep breathing, and now blogging about it all.   I really wholeheartedly believe that where focus goes energy flows.  The energy that pushes us to new levels at times needs to be forceful like the rapids of a Class V whitewater rafting trip.  At other times the energy we need to move forward matches the steadiness and calmness of a light summer rain.   Either way this energy is moving us forward, and should be observed.  Just because you hit a gnarly wave doesn’t necessarily mean you are on the wrong track.   Be alert and keep moving with the flow of life’s energy.


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