Love & Luck

I grew up memorizing lyrics such as “So talk to me I’ll listen to your story.  I’ve been around enough to know that there’s more than meets the eye.  Everybody needs a little good luck charm.  A little gris gris keeps you safe from harm.  Rub yours on me, and I’ll rub mine on you.  Luckiest couple on the avenue.” – Jimmy Buffett, Love & Luck

With that being said,  I have a growing suspicion  that there is some new & exciting adventures around the corner for Curtis (my husband) and I.  Last blog post I spoke about “Where focus goes, energy flows,” and I truly believe that.

For the past month I have been on the 21 Day Clean Gut program by Dr. Alejandro Junger.  I’m now following it up with the Renew Life Paragone Parasite Cleanse.  I’m feeling fantastic!  The best I’ve felt in seven years.  That’s a long time.  A new page is being written on my health journey, but subsequently new interests are sparking in my husband’s mind as well.  Unprovoked by me, my husband shared a video with me last night.  Something really touched me about this detox retreat, and the woman in the video.

The woman, Elayna and her boyfriend Riley charter a boat called the La Vagabonde and record their adventures on their YouTube channel Sailing La Vagabonde.  On a stop off in Bali, Indonesia, Elayna shares her experience at a detox retreat called The Natural Instinct Retreat.  You can watch here.

The internet really makes a tremendously vast, and wonderful world accessible.  Opportunities are endless.  I’m not an ocean person, but I do love adventure.  This has really brought a breath of fresh air into an otherwise mundane work week.  I don’t know what is next, but I’ll keep you posted!  In the meantime, check out some of the links and see if they may be helpful to you.



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