Coffee Blues

In spite of all this cleansing I have been doing lately, I still crave a good cup of joe.  This has been the most difficult part of my food journey thus far.  I know for a fact that coffee taxes my adrenal glands, makes my skin break out  & my body ache.  All great reasons to kick this world-wide beloved drink.  However, I am going to go with the majority on this one and say, “BUT I LOVE IT!”

In my angst,  I have recently researched coffee that is free of mycotoxins, essentially fungus or mold in our coffee present in most conventional coffee brands.  Is this another marketing strategy or are mycotoxin free coffees acceptable for those sensitive to conventional coffee?

I follow individuals on social media such as Organic Olivia and ShutTheKaleUp that have been good resources for product recommendations, but I seem unable to find good recommendations regarding coffee.  Let me rephrase that, most suggest alternatives such as Matcha Tea or Yerba Mate which I have tried, but it just doesn’t have the same effect, and certainly not the same taste as a cup of coffee.

For whatever reason, when I’m desperate, a shot of espresso seems to effect me less in regards to being achy after consumption.  Does anyone know why this would be the case?

I’ve heard of brands such as Bulletproof Coffee and Longevity Warehouse Coffee that claim to be free of mycotoxins and have low acidic levels.  Has anyone tried these brands?  What is your feedback?  I realize this blog post leaves you with a lot of questions, but I’m very curious about this.  Any help or insight would be appreciated.



  1. Response from @sophia_roe on Instagram:

    sophia_roeI tend to avoid coffee personally as I find it makes my skin break out…but oh how I love coffee! I tried mycotoxin few coffee, and my skin still hated me😩 I will say that there are a measurable amount of mycotoxins on raisins, grains, beer, dark chocolate, wine, etc. it’s hard to completely eradicate toxins, as sadly we are breathing them in daily! On a positive note, I will say that I found mycotoxin free coffee to be far superior in taste than conventional coffee. So, maybe treat coffee like a treat? That way you can enjoy the flavor of mycotoxins coffee, but have the knowledge of knowing you’re not ingesting toxins 💕❤️


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