Internet Connections

Social media gives us all a platform to share things that are important to us with the rest of the world.  I have recently started a food related Instagram called A.Shared.Meal where I document people sharing food & what that means to them and their surrounding community.  The account is a work in progress, and my ultimate goal is to create genuine relationships with people with similar interests.

My last blog, Coffee Blues discussed a love/hate relationship with coffee.  In short, coffee effects my health, but I love the taste of it.  @sophia_roe  someone I follow on Instagram, took the time to respond to my post about my troubles with coffee.  Her response to my post was incredibly helpful.

@sophia_roe  I tend to avoid coffee personally as I find it makes my skin break out…but oh how I love coffee! I tried mycotoxin few coffee, and my skin still hated me😩 I will say that there are a measurable amount of mycotoxins on raisins, grains, beer, dark chocolate, wine, etc. it’s hard to completely eradicate toxins, as sadly we are breathing them in daily! On a positive note, I will say that I found mycotoxin free coffee to be far superior in taste than conventional coffee. So, maybe treat coffee like a treat? That way you can enjoy the flavor of mycotoxins coffee, but have the knowledge of knowing you’re not ingesting toxins 💕❤️

Other than her response, the post received 3 likes.  I imagine in Social Media standards measured by likeability that post would be deemed a failure.

However, it was no failure to me!  I shared my issue with social media, got an amazing response from another person in New York, and I couldn’t be happier about that connection point.  Without the Instagram platform I wouldn’t have been able to connect with Sophia.  The internet is really an amazing tool.

My goal is to keep my priorities in check on why I’m sharing things, and what I seek to get out of it.  In an overly gratified, selfie world, there are still real humans, sharing real experiences, who are seeking real connections.

I’m curious to hear about what others have experienced through social media that has genuinely helped them in their lives.  What relationships have been hatched through social media that have added tremendous value to your life?



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